KHE Audio Introduces ACS Series Amp Switchers

KHE Audio ACS Series Amp Switchers

KHE Audio has introduced the ACS Series, which is a line of amplifier and cabinet selectors. Consisting of seven models, the ACS series lets you switch between your amps, cabinets, and load boxes with the push of a button.

“Amp switchers are incredibly useful in any situations where multiple amps and cabs are available, such as recording studios, music stores, or in a collector’s basement,” the company explains. “They remove the tedious task of un-plugging and re-arranging guitar amplifiers when a different sound is needed. Focus on your sound and creativity, instead of wasting your time with plugging cables and waiting for amps to warm-up!”

The lineup ranges from the ACS 4×2 that connects four amplifiers and two cabinets to the ACS 8×4 with eight amplifier connections and four cabinet connectors. There are also units for switchable FX loops and models for going from one amp to eight cabinets or eight amps to one cabinet. Features on the series include an attenuator insert, dual-cab mode, MIDI control, and a Link-Mode to mix and match different models.

The KHE Audio ACS Series is available now with prices ranging from $699 to $1,099.

KHE Audio ACS Series Amp Switchers Lineup:

ACS 4x2 - 4 Amplifiers, 2 Cabinets $699 - Compact desk-style amp-cab-switcher aimed for smaller setups
ACS 4x4 - 4 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets $899 - 19″ 1U amp-cab-switcher for medium-sized setups
ACS 4x4 FX - 4 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets, 4 switchable FX-Loops $1099 - Identical to the 4x4 with additional fx-loop switching
ACS 8x4 - 8 Amplifiers, 4 Cabinets $1099 - 19″ 1U rack size for larger amp cab setups
ASX 8 - 8 Amplifiers, 1 Cabinet $899 - Standalone Amp-Switcher, or to expand other switchers with 8 Amplifiers
CSX 8 - 1 Amplifier, 8 Cabinets $699 - Standalone Cab-Switcher, or to expand other switchers with 8 Cabinets
AFX 8 - 8 switchable FX-Loops $699 - FX-Loop Switching unit as an add-on for the ACS 8x4 and the ASX 8

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