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MTD Kingston Announces Saratoga Deluxe Jazz Bass

MTD Kingston is introducing the Saratoga Deluxe Jazz bass at Winter NAMM 2015. A riff on their Saratoga bass, the Deluxe model includes active/passive operation with a bypassable 3-band EQ.

MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe Jazz Bass - 4-string

The Saratoga Deluxe comes in three finishes: limited edition satin honey burst, satin dark cherry burst, or gloss transparent black. Its maple neck sports an asymmetrical profile for faster playing and is topped with either a maple or rosewood fingerboard. While it comes with stock J-style pickups, it can be upgraded to Bartolini’s as an option.

MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe Jazz Bass - 5-string

The MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe will be debuting at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California. It will carry an MSRP starting at $999.

MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe Jazz Bass Specs:

Strings:4- and 5-string Options
Neck Profile:Asymmetrical
Fingerboard:Maple, Rosewood
Pickups:MTD Kingston, Bartolini’s optional
Finishes:Limited Edition Satin Honey Burst, Satin Dark Cherry Burst, Gloss Transparent Black

For more information:
MTD Kingston

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Joshua Hernandez

Those were some of the best bang foor your buck pasive jb’so the market, but the kingston series active pres are total garbage. If its a bartolini licensed as well as pups this could be a very nice bass.