Adam Stevens: Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” for Solo Bass

It has been a while since we’ve featured a video by bassist Adam Stevens. Luckily, he’s shared another great solo bass arrangement.

This time around, Adam takes on “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, which also features Aloe Blacc.


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  1. Louis

    Nice job Adam…..

  2. Graham


    If only he has transcribed it!!

  3. Julian

    Ohhh NICE, please you should post this tab!!!

  4. Mike Matthews

    Adam has some good feel going on in his playing style. I dig.

  5. Alternate tuning I assume?

    • Hey Frank, yup, instead of EADG – it’s GBDA. cheers :)

      • Gud

        I’m extremely confused as to how I tune to that. On the transcription is says ADBG, but you say GBDA. Also I don’t understand where the B fits in, is it high or low? Very confused. Thanks awesome job!

        • hi Gud. Starting from the lowest pitched string (thickest) standard tuning is usually EADG and in this case, I am tuned to GBDA. So the E string is tuned up a minor 3rd to G, A string tuned up a tone to B, D string stays the same, and the G string is tuned up a tone to A. Hope that clarifies things! – Adam

  6. Very nicely done, Adam. Love your tone.

  7. I din’t think I was gonna like this, but here I am, liking the crap out of it. Nice work bud :) lovely reverb and sound too.

  8. sandra

    Very nice.I enjoyed it.

  9. Mark S. Barletta

    Adam it seems every Bassist has their own style and you have yours and its great.
    I enjoyed that a lot.
    Also your Bass guitar is beautiful like your playing.
    I’ve been playing bass on and off for years, thru the rock ‘n roll years , but that time has passed us by and Jazz seems to be what I like now. I have it in me to play good but something seems to hold me back from letting it out.
    I have the potential to play well , I make up my own tunes from hours of playing and practicing.

    What does it take to let what’s in me out ?

    • hey Mark! first off, thanks for the kind words, that means a lot! I wish I had a quick and simple answer to your question but unfortunately I don’t. Sometimes it’s best to not worry about what people think and be confident doing whatever it is you love to do. The passion will come through on it’s own! :)

  10. Jessica van der Zee

    Hi Adam,

    It is already three years later, but I would really like to have the tabs.
    Your website is offline, so I can not open them.
    Do you have an alternative way, so I can find them?

    I would really appreciate it!

    Jessica van der Zee