Red Panda Introduces Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal

Red Panda Bitmap Bitcrusher PedalRed Panda has introduced the Bitmap, a bitcrusher pedal designed to work with bass, guitar, synthesizers, drum machines and more. The stompbox features fractional bit reduction with a new bit crushing algorithm that the company says adds the warmth and grit of classic 8- and 12- bit samplers. It also goes down to 1-bit resolution for grittier square wave fuzz and “dying battery” sounds.

The Bitmap goes beyond bit crushing with sample rate modulation to create new textures with triangle, square, and random modulation. Other handy features include an expression pedal input, input and output gain controls, and a blend control to maintain bass in your signal.

The Red Panda Bitmap is available now with a street price of $239.

Red Panda Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal Demo:

Red Panda Bitmap Bitcrusher Pedal Features:

Fractional bit reduction
Sample-rate modulation
Expression pedal input for sample rate (CV-compatible)
Blend control to maintain bass or add subtle crushing
Input gain switch to accommodate single or dual coil pickups and line-level signals
Output level control for consistent volume, can also provide extra boost
3 color screen printed enclosure
Soft-touch knobs
True bypass
Made in USA, from PCB to final assembly (enclosure made in Canada)

For more information:
Red Panda Lab

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  1. cory

    I want now.

  2. virtanen

    Reminds me of an Iron Ether Frantabit:

  3. To each his own. I can’t imagine ever wanting to use something that makes my bass sound like that.

  4. Galactic Wolf

    I’ll take three