Foxgear Introduces the XYZ Waves Modulation Pedal

Foxgear XYZ Waves Modulation PedalItaly’s Foxgear has added the XYZ Waves to their line of pedals. The compact unit is described as a “dedicated platform for Modulation algorithms in a very easy-to-use and unique format.”

“We chose five of our best modulation algorithms for guitarists and bass players,” Foxgear writes. “XYZ Waves has three multifunction controls which depending on the program selected, give you unprecedented control and versatility in a super compact size pedal. As with all of the Foxgear effects, the XYZ Waves is true bypass and the signal path is 100% Analog, It doesn’t convert your signal to digital, keeping your tone intact.”

A five-position knob lets you choose from room chorus, envelope filter, Phase Verb, TremVerb, and PolyPitch algorithms. Depending on the setting, the X, Y, and Z knobs have different functions. A Mix control allows you to dial in your blend of the dirty and clean signals.

The Foxgear XYZ Waves will be available this month with a street price of $129.

Foxgear XYZ Waves Modulation Pedal Features:

5 Algorithms: Room Chorus, Envelope Filter, Phase Verb, TremVerb, and PolyPitch
XYZ Knobs Control Different Parameters Depending on Effect
Mix Knob
Power: 9 to 12VDC Negative Tip
Dimensions: 2,3″x 4,7″x 1,2″

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