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Jon von Boehm Releases Solo Debut

Jon von Boehm: Solo DebutProlific Nashville-based jazz fusion/progressive bassist Jon von Boehm has released his self-titled debut as a band leader.

The eponymous album came together over the course of two years and features a slew of players with whom he feels comfortable. As he says on his website: “The musicians playing on the album are cats that I enjoy working with and really believe in. I could have had anyone play on the album, but I decided to keep it in the family using people that believe in me. Let’s face it, they are all stellar musicians so I’m in great company on this.”

Artists von Boehm has played with include Lara Landon, Denny Jiosa, 251 Jazz Trio, The Spitting Image, Kenny Zarider, Jonathan Crone, J4 Trio and Song of Return.

Jon von Boehm is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon).

Jon von Boehm Track List:

  1. The Machine Lies
  2. Mr. Uncertainty
  3. Funk in a Bizzle
  4. Fickle Humpty
  5. Mad Harmonic Oscillator
  6. The Thing of It Is
  7. Selleck P.I.
  8. Vongreenzar
  9. Ain’t We Funkin’ Now

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