I Was Made to Love Her: James Jamerson’s Bass Line Visualized

Vulfpeck’s Jack Stratton just sent me his latest visualization video. This time around, the tune is Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made to Love Her” – once again showcasing the genius of James Jamerson.

Here’s what Jack said:

“Jamerson is the Schoenberg of getting from the I chord to the IV chord. He’s algorithmically generating a new pattern every phrase.”

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Awesomeness, goatta love those ‘slight’ variations on some of the runs. Just goood stuff!

  2. gillymusic

    Seems a bit random … doesn’t seem to be a connection ?? xxx

  3. gillymusic

    after watching it a second time, seems the bass is being followed – somewhat. I am a HUGE Stevie fan, btw xxx

  4. Al Gates

    I’ve listened to this track time & time again. This visualation helped me to appreciate the greatness of Jamerson even more. His syncopation & timing was unbelievable.

  5. Mason

    I’ll agree that this bass line is dope but calling someone the Schoenberg of a progression that repeats over and over again is an oxymoron that I can’t just ignore

  6. Paul Leonard

    funk brothers rule……

  7. Jay Silverberg

    There’s no such thing as the best but this bass is part of that group. If he sang like McCartney, he too would be a billionaire.

  8. Dabassman

    It took a lot of guts to play all those passing notes back then when no one else was doing it. James Jamerson was an innovator in the funk and Motown sound, and one of the all-time greats on the bass, yet he got few accolades in his lifetime. The video helps show his brilliance visually.

  9. Nice, I like it a lot , good music from way back still sounds great.