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The Church Goes Further/Deeper

The Church: Further/DeeperThe Church has released its 25th studio album, Further/Deeper.

Led by bassist/singer/songwriter Steve Kilbey, the Australian rock outfit may be most well known for its 1980s alternative hit, “Under the Milky Way.”

Further/Deeper came together easily, Kilby said. “The magic started on day one. Someone strummed a chord or struck a drum or plucked a note and we were off. We wrote and recorded like demons and it was inspiring to feel every member using all his resources in the service of this record.”
You can hear what they came up with on the Further/Deeper track “Pride Before a Fall”:

Further/Deeper is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download.

Further/Deeper Track List:

  1. Vanishing Man
  2. Delirious
  3. Pride Before a Fall
  4. Toy Head
  5. Laurel Canyon
  6. Love Philtre
  7. Globe
  8. Spinning
  9. Old Coast Road
  10. Lightning White
  11. Let Us Go
  12. Volkano
  13. Miami

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