Duo Featuring Tim Harries has “Puul”

PUUL: PuulThe new duo PUUL, comprised of British bassist Tim Harries (Brian Eno, Bill Bruford) and Norwegian soundscape artist Terje Evensen (John Paul Jones) has release its debut album, Puul.

The band name came from Harries, who says he always wanted to be in band with a double “u” in its name. The two musicians share a unique sensibility, according to Harries. “If I’d asked anyone else to think about the bass as a sleepwalker, dream-haunted by fragments of half forgotten vocabularies, and make an independent but encompassing parallel sound world for it to wander in, they’d probably have told me to get lost. Glad he didn’t.”

As for Evensen, he loves working with Harries, too. “He has this enormous wealth of information about music, but at the same time he has a humility that is remarkable. Human, thoughtful, intelligent, emotive, sensitive, down to the bone hard core: These are all qualities that Tim brings to the work, and to the music.”

Check out what the pair came up with, via the Puul track “Oitana”:

Puul is available for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Puul Track Listings:

  1. Ornella
  2. Oitana
  3. Havgul
  4. Momina
  5. Clelia
  6. Loris
  7. La Catalina
  8. Nènè

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