Simon Fitzpatrick: “Rosanna” Solo Bass Arrangement

Simon Fitzpatrick is back with a new solo bass arrangement. This is Toto’s “Rosanna”, which once again showcases both his incredible musicianship and technique. I forgot how many things go on in this tune, and Simon nails them all.

In case you’re wondering, Simon is playing a Sei Bass Flamboyant 6.

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  1. Neil Newsome

    Here’s me on my headed Sei Flamboyant 6, and I am some way of the talent of this gentelman. Still love playing though. :)

  2. Mike Matthews

    This is my new favorite by Mr. Fitzpatrick. I love Toto, and love Simon’s bass playing. Great stuff!!!

  3. Jose

    Un maestro definitivamente

  4. Wow… that’s amazing. Nice job.

  5. As usual . Some fancy fretwork, Simon…Great stuff !

  6. That is just so flawless……….wow

  7. Yvon


  8. uhhhh…. that may be the most amazing thing i have ever ever ever seen. ever.

  9. Richard l mathis

    Nice groove Simon so very smooth