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Q-Tuner Introduces Q2.0 J-Bass Pickups

Q-Tuner Q2.0 J-Bass PickupsQ-Tuner has expanded their line of neodymium pickups with the Q2.0 J-bass model. Designed for use with roundwound strings, the new pickup utilizes the company’s humbucker sidewinder technology fit into a standard J-style pickup size.

The pickups uses a neodymium blade for passive, noiseless operation. Q-Tuner describes their output as dynamic and exceptionally clean, with a frequency range of 10Hz up to 10kHz. They are offered in black or with a custom locust hardwood cover.

The Q2.0 J-Bass Model pickup is available for 4-string basses. They can be ordered direct for $140 per pickup or $260 as a set.

Q-Tuner Q2.0 J-Bass Pickup Specs:

Style:Passive Humbucker
Colors Available:Black, Locust Wood Covers
Recommended Pots:500 K. or 1 Meg
Coil Lead Outs:Standard two. Four available on request
Magnetic Material:Neodymium
DC Resistance:Neck model: 8.0 kΩ. Bridge model: 9.5 kΩ
Maximum String Spacing:60mm

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Cool looking covers. But what do they sound like



    The Q2.0 J-bass pickups sound full-bodied, yet with an amazing treble response. Killer dynamics due to the neodymium magnets. Nothing compares.



It would be nice to see the frequency range measured. For a passive coil that range mentioned is really tough to achieve at least within -3…+3 dB, maybe even within -9…+9 dB area.

Have to say, that those wooden covers look good.