Rinat Ibragimov: Bach Cello Suite No. 3, 5. Bourrée

Bach may have written suites for cello, but they sound just as fantastic on the bass. In fact, this third suite is often used as solo material for classical bassists.

Here’s the London Symphony Orchestra’s principal bassist Rinat Ibragimov performing the fifth movement of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3. His mastery of the instrument is obvious as he plays the piece with incredible technique and expression.

If you enjoy this movement, be sure to check out the rest. Ibragimov recorded the whole third suite to encourage student bass players to explore Baroque playing and Bach’s music.

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  1. Sounds really pleasant and I never thought about how hard it would be to guide both hands on this nice instrument ,it looks quite difficult , most likely lots and lots of practice .

  2. Beautifully done !


  4. that bass guy

    I play the Bach suites on my 5-string electric. With the low-B you can play all the low cello notes. Another good exercise I do is for those movements that go too high for the electric is to read the music as if it’s in tenor clef. So for example, I play the 1st Suite 1st movement (originally in G) and read it in tenor clef in D. This works well for other movements as well.

  5. David

    If you have ever wondered why someone would buy a six string bass, this is why. You can play cello music on 4 or 5 string. But it is so much easier on a 6.

  6. Clay Foster

    Inspirational, think I will now upack my bow!

  7. MikeyOnBass

    Nicely done – bravo!