Bass of the Week: Lorita Basses Miki Santamaria Signature Bass

Miki Santamaria is a favorite here at No Treble headquarters – and among readers too – so I was excited to check out his signature bass from Lorita Basses. Designed by the bassist and built by luthier Xavier Lorita in Barcelona, its striking design includes a maple theme with a flamed maple top over a swamp ash body, a 3-piece hard maple neck, and a bird’s eye maple fretboard.

Lorita Basses Miki Santamaria Signature Bass

Santamaria opted for three of Lorita’s custom single-coil pickups housed underneath a flamed maple ramp to match the bass’s top. Each of the pickups feeds an active/passive 3-band Glockenklang preamp.

Check out this video of Santamaria putting the bass to the test in a video he calls an “Extreme Slap & Tapping Bass Solo”:

Lorita Basses Miki Santamaria Signature Bass Photos:

Lorita Basses Miki Santamaria Signature Bass Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Top:Flamed Maple
Neck:3-piece Hard Rock Maple
Fingerboard:Bird’s Eye Maple
Pickups:3 Lorita Custom Single-Coils
Electronics:Glockenklang 3 band EQ preamp (active/passive)

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  1. dochoc

    Miki can really play bass, he is one of the best . I like the way Lorita basses look and sound. I’m speechless , in aw of this beautiful bass.

  2. Is there any idea how much this bass weighs? Cost? Scale? String Separation? Website? Options? All we can say right now is “Boy it’s pretty, and it appears to have a great slap sound” but not much else.

    • Gene

      I’m pretty sure they only have a FB page.
      Many of the other options described aren’t very important to the “Bass of the Week” column because these aren’t factory made basses. Meaning that weight (wood choice) scale and string spacing are all up to you when you order one. Cost is almost always left out of these articles because the article is mostly about appearance, interesting designs, and sound. You can give Xavier a call to get a quote if you find it interesting though!

      • That makes sense. Thank you! It sounded like there were options, but unsure if there were some standardized parameters the luthier offered.

    • Miki Santamaria

      Gene is right about everything. The bass weights only 3,75kg, it’s 34″ scale and the string spacing is 19mm. I don’t really know the price but you can ask anything to Xavier through his facebook page .
      Here you can hear the bass played with fingerstyle:

      • dochoc jr.

        Are you still dating Marta Altesa?

        • dochoc

          Don’t use my display name again, stop asking this question ,the closest you’ll get to Marta is your computer screen ,,,,Spanky !!!

  3. Bart

    Is Miki still dating Marta Altesa?

  4. So this bass is only good for slap and tapping?