BadBadNotGood: Kaleidoscope

If you like jazz, hip hop, and a little bit of punk, this video is for you. BadBadNotGood’s genre bending style ranges from intimate to epic, and it’s all showcased in this clip of their song “Kaleidoscope” from a performance at the Moran Plant in Burlington, Vermont.

Bassist Chester Hansen lays it down with innovative lines and an energetic solo around the 2:20 mark.

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  1. Joeru

    Guys nearly inaudible… Keyboardist needs to lay off the low notes… Other than that great melody.

  2. Juice Newton

    Nice enough but where’s the punk part?

  3. Imagine what he could do with a bass with tone………bring on the hate : )

  4. It is a wonderful thing to see young musicians being creative, and not pushing a button with samples, but actually making music. I really enjoyed the listen, and performance. Keep on keeping it real as musicians. Thank you guys for sharing….

    • Rob Hathaway

      Excellent summary, three guys making music they love, in the purest form. Well done!!!

  5. I don’t know what to think , give the bass dude A for affort .
    Maybe palm mute some with less flailing. Put some muted notes in for funk , maybe.
    Well it was good, sure wish I had a key board dude and drummer.

  6. Mike Matthews

    Yup, not a fan of his bass tone. It doesn’t cut through enough. That being said, I think he and his band mates are pretty good at what they’re doing though.

  7. Thick and warm is just a different kind of tone guys. I guess it is a bit too subtle for some to appreciate. I’m loving it though.

  8. Not a fan of the mix, but the music itself is AWESOME. Definitely checking out theyre other stuff

  9. B

    Guys I hear ya on the critiques, but Id love to hear more talented young musicians blending genres, making original music not being constructed to fit popular styles, and instead just going with what they believe and trying to carve out an original sense of style and approach. bass tone is up for debate but come on, easily one of my fav posts in some time. great chord progression and feel and the drums although over indulgent, totally captivating and filled with feeling, ebb and flo

  10. Anthony

    Even though I didn’t like his tone, and he was mixed too low, the kid is a very good player.

  11. Tone is perfect on the album bbng3 or sour soul

  12. Bryan

    I can’t believe so many people are putting down the tone! Maybe it’s their speakers (or lack of speakers. It would never cut through on mobile) . I love it! It’s smooth, round, deep, and groovy. It meshes so well the the Rhodes tone and the vibe of the tune. 5 stars all around!

  13. Loved it, especially the retro tone. Because I’m kind of retro myself. :)