Booker T and the MG’s: Melting Pot, Live 1989

Donald “Duck” Dunn is a legend for a reason. Here’s a great clip of the bassist laying it down with Booker T and the MG’s at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes back in 1989.

The group played through many of their hits, including this version of 1971’s “Melting Pot.” Dunn’s rock solid groove lays perfectly in the pocket to get the whole band gelling.

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  1. Duck is one oft favorites!! Simple lines perfectly placed. I have a set of studio CD’s with his bass along with the drums and guitar only. The horns and vocals are removed. So many classic soul tunes by some major artists over the years.

  2. Mike Matthews

    Just some solid groov’n going on – good stuff!

  3. That sounded great but they could have put the camera on Donald a bit more ,seems he was holding the entire song together with him hitting the bass buttons just right. Back then bassist where taken for granted ,they got little respect.

  4. This is what bottom dwelling is all about,and Duck Dunn is one of the masters of groove.Booker T and company set the standard for all out groovin’.Love this version…Sure do miss Duck ! BASS ON, DUCK !!!

  5. kenzillathor

    thats just awesome