Enrico Galetta Debuts as Bass Instruction Author with “Grooving with Hybrid Techniques”

Grooving with Hybrid Techniques book and CDBass player, composer and educator Enrico Galetta (known for his jazz work and the album 48 Hour Odyssey) is imparting his bass wisdom in his first book, Grooving with Hybrid Techniques for Bass.

Featuring 100 exercises and 72 audio samples (available with the paper copy and the e-book), the book aims to teach a variety of techniques, including flamenco slap, double thumb, classical slap, muting bass and hybrid style.

Here’s what Galetta has to say about his book:

You can buy a paper copy/CD version of the book, and a digital copy.

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  1. Enrico that was excellent and you play bass excellent , I seem to lose control over my strings when playing slap style I’m so use to playing with the index finger middle finger and thumb.
    This past year by accident my thumbnail was too long and I got to using it like a pick , so I grew it a little longer and now it works just like a pick with the in and out motion of picking the strings. Then I decided to grow the other two fingernails a little longer and pick with them with the in and out motion, slowly I developed this finger style of palm muting , popping and clicking type playing bass.
    Slap just don’t work for me or maybe I need to give it another try now. I know this sounds different but its what works for me . Seems I have better control now over the strings, I didn’t take bass serious till the last two years.

    Thanks for your info,
    Mark S Beretta

    • Rick

      Mr. Beretta, have you bought this book?

      • Rick not yet but plan to , I was on Pay Pal and it has €25.00 EUR ,
        How do we translate that to U.S. dollars.
        I’m don’t like putting my credit card number online , some guy has been calling me saying he is with Windows but he’s not , he was able to tell me what I was viewing online. Its a scam thing they do, and they try to sell internet protection, I was playing along with him for weeks, the same guy called me asking if I needed other type things but I cant get a call back number on him.
        He was also calling my parents house , same guy , same accent .Then I told him don’t ever call me again and stop calling my parents house.
        Im hoping Enrico’s book will be sold at Guitar Center .

        • Petey

          Hi Doc, it translate to $27.29 in American currency. If you have a smartphone or iPhone, get the currency app. I use it a lot since I do buy things from overseas periodically, and believe me, it’s worth it.?

          • Thanks’ Petey,
            The currency app sounds nice , it scares me to put anything online that can be hacked in to like ones identity stolen , they wont get much from me but can apply for credit cards in my name. This happened at Kroger, a lady working there asked me if I wanted to sign up for a chance to win $500 free groceries on a hand held notebook so I said yes I guess so ,I didn’t feel comfortable about that but beings though she worked there I did it , two weeks later a Visa Credit Card was lost in the mail with my name on it with a $20 thousand dollar limit. I went to that store and told the manager he did nothing like he didn’t care, he just stood there looking stupid .She never said anything about it being a Visa Credit card and that burned me up inside. I got a Visa balance statement in the mail with no charges on it so I had to cancel that Visa card , FAST. Seems grocery store managers are useless now days and I use to be one 30 years ago, the customer always comes first and is always right , even when their not.
            Funny how time changes things.

          • Petey

            Yeah, Doc. I definitely understand it. It’s crazy out here with these scams and all. You gotta be careful. Glad I was able to help.

  2. Carlo Rossi

    Great bass player and I’m sure it would be a very useful too for me as I incorporate more fretted 5-string playing into what has been my primarily 4-string fretless style (a la Jaco, et. al). I watched the video and my only concern is that I’m having a real hard time understanding what Enrico is saying because of his accent.

    • Petey

      Yeah I agree. He has a very strong accent. I’m hoping he would released a video or DVD demostrating the techniques he uses. I got the CD (ITunes) and he has incredible chops. I never heard the term “hybrid” bass playing before until now. Can’t wait to try it out on my 4 string first, then gradually go to my 6 string fretless.?