Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in April 2015

Our monthly celebration of the top bass gear news coverage continues. Here are the top 10 most read gear stories on No Treble for the month of April, 2015.

As always, it comes with a warning: may cause GAS.

Demeter Amplification Unveils Bass-400D Hybrid Bass Amplifier

1. Demeter Amplification Bass-400D Hybrid Bass Amplifier

Amplification guru James Demeter was at NAMM this year to introduce the prototype of the Bass 400-D bass amp. Based on last year’s VTBP-M-800D, the 400-D matches Demeter’s classic VTBP-201 tube preamp circuitry with a 400-watt class D power amplifier…

Williamscot Basses Launches with Gagliano, Panormo and Da Salo Models

2. Williamscot Basses Gagliano, Panormo and Da Salo Models

The double bass and electric bass are two quite different instruments, but bass builders Thomas and George Martin are bringing their 30 plus years of double bass making into a new electric bass company called Williamscot. The company, which was launched in January, builds each bass by hand in the UK…

Spector Introduces Legend Neck-Thru Basses for 2015

3. Spector 2015 Legend Neck-Thru Basses

Spector has expanded their Legend series with a new neck-thru model. Available in four- and five-string versions, the Legend4 and Legend5 Neck-Thru basses feature the company’s NS body shape with maple wings and either a bubinga top with natural matte finish or a figured maple top with a faded blue gloss finish…

Kala Introduces 5-String Solid Body U-Bass

4. Kala 5-String Solid Body U-Bass

This year marks Kala’s 10th anniversary, and they’re celebrating in part by introducing a 5-string version of their SUB solid body U-Bass. The ukelele-sized bass comes in four finishes – Sunburst, Cherryburst, Red, and Black – with a 2+3 tuner layout…

Two Notes Audio Engineering Unveils Le Bass Preamp Pedal

5. Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Bass Preamp Pedal

Two Notes Audio Engineering introduced their new Preamplifiers series at Musikmesse this year including the Le Bass. Housed in a pedal format, the tube preamp features dual channels with a Fusion mode to blend them together…

EWS Introduces the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp III and Bass Mid Control 2

6. EWS Tri-Logic Bass Preamp III and Bass Mid Control 2

EWS has introduced two new bass pedals with the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp III and the Bass Mid Control 2. Both pedals are upgrades to the company’s existing models with new features and benefits…

ESP Introduces LTD EC-154 Bass Guitar

7. ESP LTD EC-154 Bass Guitar

ESP has expanded their LTD bass range with the EC-154, an affordable model based on their Eclipse body shape. Available in black and white, the bass is built with a basswood body, a bolt-on maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard…

Aguilar Introduces AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC Bass Pickup Sets

8. Aguilar AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC Bass Pickup Sets

Aguilar Amplification is bringing two of their bass pickup models together to create the AG 4M/J-HC and AG 5M/J-HC pickup sets. Calibrated together, the sets include one of the company’s 4M or 5M humbuckers in the bridge position and their AG 4J-HC or 5J-HC in the neck position…

Hartke Introduces 210 HyDrive Cab

9. Hartke 210 HyDrive Cab

Hartke has expanded their HyDrive series of bass cabinets with a 2×10″ model. The 210 HyDrive Cab is fitted with a pair of the company’s 10-inch HyDrive paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers with neodymium magnets as well as a 1-inch tweeter…

Artisan Bass Works Announces Fidelity Bass Series

10. Artisan Bass Works Fidelity Bass Series

Artisan Bass Works has introduced the Fidelity Series of basses, which they describe as the pinnacle of five years of development and testing. Featuring their ANSIR angled neck technology, the Fidelity series is available in several configurations with the main version being the Fidelity Maple…

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