Two Notes Audio Engineering Unveils Le Bass Preamp Pedal

Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Bass Preamp PedalTwo Notes Audio Engineering introduced their new Preamplifiers series at Musikmesse this year including the Le Bass. Housed in a pedal format, the tube preamp features dual channels with a Fusion mode to blend them together. The company says it also runs internally at 200 volts to “preserve the interaction between you and your bass while working with your other effect pedals.”

Channel A on the Le Bass is described as better suited for responsive and clean playing, while Channel B focuses on solid punch and sweet break up. The two sides of the pedal can be used in tandem with Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion modes. “Cold Fusion allows for Channels A & B to output in Parallel, allowing you to blend the balance of both channels how you want,” Two Notes writes. “Hot Fusion cascades Channels A & B, allowing you to use Channel A to boost Channel B, while having both channel EQs to shape the resulting tone.”

Other features on the Le Bass include true bypass operation, a Balanced DI with ground lift, a headphone output, a post-EQ effects loop, a thru output, and MIDI in and out. The Two Notes Le Bass Preamp Pedal is expected to ship in September with a price point to be announced.

Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Bass Preamp Pedal Details:

Tube Preamp
True High Voltage Design
Dual Channels with Cold/Hot Fusion Modes
True Bypass with unbalanced 1/4? input/output
Balanced DI output with Ground Lift
Headphone output
Post EQ FX Loop
Thru Output to feed a secondary amplifier
MIDI In/Out to use pedal as a controller (for example with Two Notes’ C.A.B. pedal) or to be controlled by another device

For more information:
Two Notes Audio Engineering

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  1. LewTeNantDan

    Price $$$$$$

  2. 349€ MSRP, released in France first next September. Expect less in the US I guess, $ 250-300