Hadas Trainin: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

No Treble reader Shay Levy shared this video by Hadas Trainin performing her solo bass cover of the Beatles’ “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”.

Shay said “I believe I won’t be the only one who loved the way she performs it.”

He was right.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Pretty cool solo bass version – I like!

  2. That sounded really good , this is the first Fender Mustang bass I’ve seen in a long time and I like it , nice compact bass with a huge punch and the pick guard is the colour I like , mine is white and wish it was like this one, even though I don’t use a pick my finger nails scrape the pick guard . I’m really surprised no one else uses their overgrown thumbnail to play like a pick , I just hold my index finger against my thumb like Im holding a pick and clip the string with the end of my thumbnail with a in and out motion, it’s a blast .

    • Mike Matthews

      A new pick guard like this is probably about $15 – $20, or thereabouts. Check out ALLPARTS out of Texas online. I’m sure they’ll have what you’re looking for.

      • Thanks’ Mike , I didn’t know they where that cheap , mine is only 5 months old so when it gets dingy and scratched up I will check that out.

      • I’ve tried over and over and cant get the harmonic to ring out but it happens by accident when I’m not trying. I do exactly like Mark Smith told me but I get just a note sound and part harmonic , don’t know what I doing wrong.
        I’ve watched this several times and see how Hadas is doing it but no go for me. Seems I hid that love away for too long , looked everywhere , cant find it .

        • Hey just keep trying… You’ll find it

          • Hadas over the weekend I kept trying and finally found it , I was putting too much pressure on the fret and not letting go fast enough.
            Plus striking the string further back by the bridge helped and not plucking the string but gently tapping it with my fingernail, then all of a sudden there it was hiding from me all this time.
            Seems I hid love too long , gone for good, but my new Fender J. bass sits and waits on me to play it gently, don’t know such a mess cant decide.

            Mark S Beretta

  3. Nice feel throughout .Love the addition of the harmonics.BASS ON !

  4. Must’ve taken a lot of Trainin… Ba-dumm-tssss…