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Miki Santamaria & Casey Cooper: Bass vs Drums

Miki Santamaria just sent me his latest video, which he calls “Bass vs Drums”. Miki handles two bass parts that’ll knock you out, along with drummer Casey Cooper.

Dig it!

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James Genannt

I was expecting it, and hoping it, would go on for like 3-10 minutes longer.. anyone else ?!?!?!


Don’t care how long it is but Casey can bang those bongos darn good he is excellent with Miki on bass all they need now is a guitar player and singer and you have the makings of a good band playing sweet music.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Miki always does a great job… and I am pleasantly surprised by Casey Coopers drum talents. Great stuff! And oh yeah, what James said too : )

Ben Galinsky

To be totally honest, and not dissing these guys because it’s pretty obvious that they can really play extremely well, but if I hear one more chops-filled meandering cover of that Daft Punk song I’m going to SCREAM.

Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira

Is it just me or is that “chorus” a reference to Daft Punk?

Anthony Cook

Some nice fretwork,Miki👍🏽



Can some one tell me where is Marta Altesa?


She doesn’t want to be bothered by Trolls like you.
Marta has a life ,time for you to get one Clinton aka Marcus Orange.