MK Introduces Passive Jazz Electric Upright Bass

Electric upright bass company MK has announced a new passive jazz model of their flagship bass. The Jazz-P features piezo transducer pickups and passive electronics, which MK says solves tonal problems of the bass including noise at high levels of amplification.

It’s built with a single piece of horse chestnut for the body and neck with an ebony-stained pear wood fingerboard. The bass also has a walnut toneblock that sits underneath its maple bridge to provide a rounder tone. Removable frame supports replicate the shape of an acoustic double bass to help with support and feel. The Jazz-P is held up by a retractable endpin, but also comes with tripod.

The MK Jazz-P Electric Upright Bass is made in Italy and carries a street price of approximately $1,700.

MK Jazz-P Electric Upright Bass Details:

Body:Horse Chestnut, Removable Frame Supports
Neck:Horse Chestnut
Fingerboard:Pear Wood, Ebony-Stained
Electronics:Passive Piezo

For more information:

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  1. I would like to hear someone play it, sure is odd looking or not.

    • Petey

      I’m surprised they’re no You-tube clips on it. Looks kinda’ interesting. Reminded me of the Yamaha silent bass, but costing a lot more.

      • jpbergmans
        • Petey

          Thanks for the clip. Like the sound of it. Just wish he spoke English. EUB’s are getting more and more popular. Still love the sound of that wood on an acoustic, tho. But some of these jazz clubs got smaller stages so size is a factor these days and times. When someone actually (if not already) makes an EUB with the sound of an ‘acoustic’ I will jump on it real quick!?

      • Bob DeRosa

        Actually, I think it’s significantly less than a new Yamaha Silent Bass.

      • Sean

        If by “costing a lot more” you mean “less than half,” then yes, you nailed it.
        MF is selling the Yamaha for $3,515, whilst the expected street price on the MK is $1,700. 1700*2 = $3,400.

  2. that bass guy

    My ribs starting hurting when I saw that big knob on the rib by the neck heel, right where you lean over the bass to go to thumb position. Wonder how that’s supposed to work… Nick looking for a EUB and certainly cheaper than Yamaha’s…

  3. s2bs2

    where can you get one in the U.S.?

  4. Petey

    Yeah I was comparing it to the cost of the Yamaha silent bass. Those prices are nice comparing to $3400. I was looking @ Clevinger, NSD, and even the Warwick model. They’re pricey! Now here’s the question; WHERE in the U.S can we get one?

  5. it seem that italian’s have a fine nose for EUB’s, been enjoying my baby ego bass from alter ego the last months also made in rome Italy, like the hear this one too. looks nice!

  6. Wa du

    There’s nothing like the NS , I get great tone and They’re the best. Ned knows design. The big contra bridge ??i. It’s very unbecoming , Ned solved that.