Phil Collins, with Leland Sklar: Sussudio, Live 1990

We’re celebrating Leland Sklar‘s birthday today with a throwback to his 1990 tour with Phil Collins. This clip from Knebworth has the band digging in on “Sussudio” in front of close to 120,000 fans, and you can tell Sklar is getting into it. The session ace gave us the scoop on this bass line during our Stories Behind the Songs interview in 2013.

“It’s all machine on the studio album,” he explained. “So what we ended up doing on the first tour we did [was] we had a sequence running for the bass part that was all the filter part that was in there. I was playing the tonal part on bass, so I was the tonal part of the lick. But as time went on, we thought that if we really make it swing, we don’t need that stuff either. So we got away from that whole part of it and I just played the bass line. It was fat enough and grooving hard enough where it didn’t really matter. By the time we were a couple of years into playing that song, it had completely turned into a real organic version.”

Happy birthday, Leland!

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  1. it is a shame this video isn’t from the end of the tour when they were playing the more organic version. This has literally zero soul. They are so locked into the track they may as well just have a seat and play the CD

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    Everybody loves a sharp dressed man , wow that’s a lot of people.