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Franz Ferdinand & Sparks Release Collaborative Album

Franz Ferdinand & Sparks: FFSSo, what happens when two very distinct bands with their hands in the pop, electronic, dance and rock spheres decide to start recording together?

They release an album like the eponymous FFS, which abbreviates the names of each of the bands involved: Glasgow-based Franz Ferdinand (formed in the early 2000s) and the American sibling duo Sparks (formed in 1971).

With Bob Hardy of Franz Ferdinand providing the bass, the record was recorded in just 15 days in 2014, although the groups had connected around a decade earlier after Sparks learned Franz Ferdinand were fans of theirs, and even produced a demo for what would become one of the album’s songs back then.

The combination creates some interesting results, like “Call Girl” (first video) and “Johnny Delusional” (second video):

There’s even a song on the record with the presumably tongue-in-cheek title of “Collaborations Don’t Work.”

FFS is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

FFS Track List:

  1. Johnny Delusional
  2. Call Girl
  3. Dictator’s Son
  4. Little Guy From The Suburbs
  5. Police Encounters
  6. Save Me From Myself
  7. So Desu Ne
  8. The Man Without A Tan
  9. Things I Won’t Get
  10. The Power Couple
  11. Collaborations Don’t Work
  12. Piss Off
  13. So Many Bridges
  14. King Of The Song
  15. Look At Me
  16. A Violent Death

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