Nordstrand Pickups Introduces Jazz Bar Series

Nordstrand Pickups Jazz Bar Series Pickups

Nordstrand Pickups has introduced the Jazz Bar pickup line, a series takes all of the company’s standard J-style pickups and puts them in soapbar shapes. Available in most popular EMG and Bartolini casing sizes, the JB Series includes Nordstrand’s single coil models (NJ4, NJ4 70’s, NJ5, and NJ6) as well as their hum canceling models (NJ4SV, NJ4SE, NJ5s, and NJ6s).

The JB-NJ 4, 5, and 6-string pickups feature 60’s era correct heavy formvar wire and an alnico V magnet, while the JB-NJ4 70’s uses an alternative wind with an enamel wire. Similarly, the JB-NJ4SV, JB-NJ5S, JB-NJ6S hare split coil hum canceling pickups with the JB-NJ4SE is wound with a finer 43 gauge enamel wire.

The Nordstrand Jazz Bar Series is built in the Nordstrand shop in Redlands, California. Pricing on the new line is identical to their J-shape models and start at $180.40 per set.

Nordstrand Pickups Jazz Bar Series Details:

J-style Pickups Housed in Soapbar Shapes
Available in Most Popular EMG and Bartolini Casing Sizes
Made in California

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