Classic Michael Hedges Album, Featuring Michael Manring, Gets Vinyl Reissue

Michael Hedges: Aerial BoundariesThe late Michael Hedges’ landmark 1984 acoustic guitar album, Aerial Boundaries, has been reissued on 180-gram vinyl.

The album, considered groundbreaking for acoustic guitar, also featured a bass heavyweight — bassist/composer Michael Manring, who was not only Hedges’ regular bassist, but also house bassist for Windham Hill Records, for which Hedges recorded. Manring, who has played with a wide variety of artists, is considered one of the world’s top solo bassists, noted for his electric fretless work.

Aerial Boundaries shows off Hedges’ technique and visionary style. Get it on vinyl here.

Aerial Boundaries Track List:

  1. Aerial Boundaries
  2. Bensusan
  3. Rickover’s Dream
  4. The Ragamuffin
  5. After the Gold Rush
  6. Hot Type
  7. Spare Change
  8. Threesome
  9. The Magic Farmer

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  1. wow. i have this album. used to listen a lot. great for mornings. beautiful work. guess i’ll pull it back out.

  2. Don Sweat

    For the uninitiated, Michael Hedges is to the acoustic guitar, what Jimi Hendrix is to the electric guitar.

  3. brian

    This is still a got to album for me. It was the first time i heard Michael Hedges and Michael Manring, and learned who Pierre Bensusan was. ps I just saw Pierre Bensusan in the smallest venue of all time along with only 30 other lucky punters.