La Vague: Sit Down

Bass and vocal duo La Vague, comprised of Alessandro Corsi and Francesca Pirami, is back with a new video for “Sit Down” from their self-titled 2009 album.

Corsi sets up a tasty groove and keeps the bass line running while he plays fills and countermelodies for a mesmerizing jam. La Vague is working on their next album, which they say is expected this fall.

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  1. How is tuned his bass?

  2. Mike Matthews

    Absolutely LOVED IT!!! Is his kick drum (sample) pedal a home made device? Look forward to hearing more.

    • Thanks Mike! Yes it’s a home made stomp box with a very cheap piezo inside… But sounds good!

      • Mike Matthews

        It does sound good Alessandro. ‘Preciate you!

      • Love your playing and the video! On that stomp box, though… I know someone who could really use something like that! Where can I find instructions on how to make one?

  3. Doc.Hoc.

    Alessandra this was excellent , your last video was great , it looks like the neck of your bass is bent back , but after viewing the door frame its the camera doing this to your nice bass , is it not.
    Is the neck and headstock of your bass carbon fiber.

  4. Groovy groovy, Mr. Corsi! And the lady was also amazing!

  5. Really beautiful piece of music. I’m gonna share it with people of my town in southern Argentina.

    Keep going with it!