Damian Coccio: What the Storm Brought

Damian Coccio shared his latest video with us of a tune he wrote for solo loop bass, “What the Storm Brought”.

He also shared the specifics in how his setup:

“Using the Ditto X2 Looper and Strymon Timeline Delay. Using the volume knob on the Ditto X2 Looper for fading during the performance. Tuning is DGDGD. The bass is a Fodera Matt Garrison Shape Imperial with Walnut Body, Ash Tone Block, Maple Neck and Ebony Fingerboard. ”

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  1. Killin’ it! Very expressive

  2. Damian’s tone is SO incredible here. I would give anything for tone that sweet and expressive. Not sure how much his gear costs, but if I had the money his tone is EXACTLY what I would be shooting for. His playing is phenomenal as well.

  3. Mike Matthews

    Beautiful tone indeed. I like the composition; but it’s a bit too short…

  4. mojobass

    Nicely done…Smooooth, like butter ??

  5. man…. that is great! That dim9th(?) @ the end though!