Zander Zon: Everything I Do

Once again, Zander Zon has turned in another fantastic arrangement of a pop tune.

Here he is – back to playing solo with just his Zon bass – performing Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do”.

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  1. Wow. I really like listening to and watching this guy play.

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    Zander that was excellent and your awesome , I use to listen to this song all the time.
    Thanks ,

  3. mojobass

    Nice work, Zander… Very pretty, indeed . Bass On !!

  4. Johann

    thats brilliant !!’

  5. In my 43 years of playing out, playing everything from country to heavy metal…. but my love is classic rock. No Disco, Rap, or Hip Hop. ….. I never made it big and never really wanted to. I just love music. I turned 6o this year and can still rock and still have a band that kicks butt. We play because we love music and simply want to play at times. I still have my 89 Steinberger XM2 that I bought new in 90. Use old TT330 Eden head and Mark bass MoMark head, also. Eden cabinets. I say all that to say this. You play with a passion that few play with anymore. One can feel your heart in your playing. I like to sit back, close my eyes and just get lost in the soothing way you play. Wish I could play the way you do but at 60 I ain’t about to put the time it would take into it. Never lose that passion that comes out in no matter what song you play. If you ever change, you will lose what makes your music awesome. Even my wife thinks you’re awesome and she don’t even go listen to me play …lol. Sorry to ramble on but I been listening to you for years and you never cease to amaze me. I don’t share a lot but there are times when credit and honor must be given to those that have earned it and you have earned my respect. Keep it up. Bass Rules :p

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt message – I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let me know – so honestly – how you feel about my music. I feel incredibly grateful and privileged at the moment, as well as encouraged to keep on playing the type of music I do!

      And I also want to say, the fact that you’ve been playing for 43 years in all manner of styles is amazing to me; it’s inspiring to hear about how you’re still rocking out, so I’ll say the same thing to you – keep playing with that passion!

      Best wishes,

      • You are very welcome. Actually, I have been playing some kind of musical instrument since around 1965, I believe. Just switched to bass and started playing out in the bars and club. I have always had an extremely good ear. You hit a wrong note, I’ll know it. But I also know every wrong note I play, too ….lol. I’m not a fancy or busy player. I have learned to stick to the basics and the root and groove of the songs and find they are much easier to play and make the whole band solid. I just love music ans whatever I can do on my part to make the whole sound better is my reward. I don’t do the slap….. just fingers and a pick when necessary for the attack or speed.(older fingers seem to slow down on me …lol)

        Your music, to me, is so smooth without all the trying to show people how fast you can play. You focus more on the heart of the song more than the pride of the song, which I find is a rare thing anymore. Take for instance….. My favorite guitarist, and the best, is David Gilmore. He don’t need speed (which I know you can play fast when needed) to sound great. Every note, the tone, the feel that his fingers put into every song is dead on. No more, no less. To me, that is what makes a great musician. One of these days I would like to just sit back and talk with you on your thoughts and feelings. My wife loves music but she can’t understand why I have a whole room full of basses and amps and speakers, but she loves me anyway :) I guess one of the biggest things is your seemingly lack of pride when you play. You seem to be the type that would play with the same passion for an audience of 10 as you would 10,000. To me, THAT is what makes the difference between a love of the music and a love of what the music can get you. Just guard what you have and don’t let anyone change you.

        • Nice one, Jerry! I think having a good ear is massively important. I probably spend just as much time listening to what I’ve recorded in practice sessions, as I do actually playing the instrument!

          And huge thanks again for your very kind words – I appreciate your insightfulness into what I’m trying to do. I agree about putting that feeling, that heart, into every note you play – that’s what’s important in my mind as well!

          All the best,


  6. Doc.Hoc.

    Zander at the end of your song when you say to click on your Patreon page I’m not able to do that because all I get is a my mouse arrow and not able click on.

    • Hi, thanks for your interest in Patreon. I think those YouTube annotations don’t work here on NoTreble, but if you watch the video on YouTube, you can click on them. In the meantime, here’s the direct link:

      Any questions, please just ask!

  7. Zander!!! Amazing as always and those harmonics are to die for. You are an inspiration:)