Bass of the Week: Fodera Flame Koa Monarch 4 Elite “#4000”

It’s always good to look back at your work when you hit a milestone, but Fodera does it with style. They recently completed a special Flame Koa Monarch 4 Elite that they’ve dubbed Fodera #4,000, and it’s a beauty.

Fodera #4000 Featured

“Our Monarch design was our very first bass design and the second instrument that we ever built was a Monarch Bass (#1 was a guitar),” the company writes on their blog. “Our original goals were simple — build an instrument that is a joy to play, sounds fabulous and is very flexible tonally. This is the same approach that we take to building today, 3,999 instruments later. That said, once every 1,000 instruments we like to revisit our roots and build one that is similar to our first bass.”

Similar to the company’s first bass, #4,000 has a mahogany body, a flame koa top, and a rosewood fingerboard. The body’s mahogany is old-growth has a matching wood backplate. It also has a korina toneblock. The neck is a five-piece maple neck with a flame center and bubinga stringers. Electronics include a pair of Fodera Duncan dual coil pickups matched to a Fodera/Pope custom three-band EQ.

The bass’s Brazilian rosewood fingerboard has a stunning floral inlay designed by Emily Krohn as well as the roman numeral for “4000” at the end of the fingerboard. As a final touch, the headstock features the company’s “old-style” wooden butterfly.

For more information, check out the Fodera website.

Fodera Flame Koa Monarch 4 Elite “#4000” Specs

Body:Old-Growth Mahogany
Tone Block:Korina
Top:Flame Koa
Neck:5-piece Hard Rock Maple with Bubinga Stringers
Fingerboard:Brazilian Rosewood
Inlays:Custom Floral by Emily Kohn, MMMM at 24th Fret
String Spacing:19mm
Pickups:Fodera Duncan Dual Coil
Electronics:Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp

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  1. Mike Matthews

    WOW, truly a beautiful bass.

  2. tomas

    what the MMMM stands for?