Bassbaba Sumon and Mahaan Fahim: Cream & Sugar Under the Coffee Cloud

Bassbaba Sumon sent me this video with two words attached: “From Bangladesh”.

I’ve said it before: “I love the web”. The way we can connect with talented musicians all over the world now is so cool.

And this is some terrific music, written by Bassbaba and performed by him and guitarist Mahaan Fahim. The changing scenery throughout the video makes it even more fun too.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Fun to watch AND great to listen to. I really dig this cat’s melodic, soulful, groove oriented style/approach. You’ll need to excuse me now as I surf youtube for everything Bassbaba. Thanks for the share. I truly have enjoyed it. In the infamous words of Mr. BassMoJo “Bass On!”

  2. YEAH BASSBABA!!!! I can’t wait until the day that I’m in Bangladesh and can record with you too! Maahan Fahim, amazing playing and writing too!

  3. David

    absolutely phenomenal

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    Hey Guys ,
    I enjoyed the guitar and bass playing very much.
    Two nice bass guitars you have Bassbaba and your playing is great.
    Thanks’ for your hard work and ability to entertain.

  5. mojobass

    A nice cruise of instrumentation … The bass work and acoustic guitar blended perfectly??

  6. Eftekar Hossen

    just awesome.

  7. It’s always good to hear bassbaba’s playing. :)

  8. samijaber

    Bassbaba has been one of the most influential musician in Bangladesh. I have tremendous amount of respect for him. He has taken Bangladeshi rock music in great heights. Bangladesh is a country of rock music lovers and we have amazing bands. Hope one day everyone recognizes our talent.

  9. Suman vai aka Bassbaba and Mahaan vai played awsm… beautiful music… nice blend of guitar n bass .. tmpzz up..

  10. no word…just listen to…..

  11. Pongkoj

    BassBaba!!! The amazing word for the rock music lovers in Bangladesh. You don’t need to say anything more to recognise Sumon. Bassbaba means “Father of the bass guitar”. Really he is the great guitarist in our country. Though we have a huge numbers of bands in our country and they play different genres but in the Rock music you must have to say one name that is BassBaba Sumon. proud for you boss

  12. Labu Rahman

    Enjoyed it very much .. All the best ……..