Darkglass Electronics Introduces Super Symmetry Compressor Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry Compressor PedalDarkglass Electronics has expanded their pedal lineup with the Super Symmetry, a compressor they describe as state of the art with a classic feel. “It sounds modern in the way that it doesn’t color your tone while compressing, but the way it reacts to your playing is simply natural and seamless,” they write.

Designed and built in Helsinki, Finland, the pedal features a Blend control for mixing your clean and compressed signals together. Its Input knob adjusts the gain on the compressor while allowing for adjusting the compressor’s threshold; higher input settings will result in higher levels of compression. The Super Symmetry also has Attack, Release, Compression, and Output settings for dialing in your precise compression settings.

The Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry is available now with a MAP price of $300.

Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry Compressor Pedal Details:

115 GeV Compressor
Blend Control for Mixing Dry and Wet Signals
Input, Attack, Release, Compression, Output Controls
LED Gain Reduction Indicators

For more information:
Darkglass Electronics

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  1. Garrett

    Definitely excited for this. DGE products are always stellar. Although my board is going to start looking like a Dark Glass commercial.