F-Pedals Announces the Robotholic

Los Angeles-based F-Pedals has teamed up with recording engineer Eddie Kramer to unveil the Robotholic. The first in their new Pulse of Rebellion series, the pedal brings together a range of effects including a clean boost, a crunchy drive, heavy distortion, and an “analog-ringmod-resembling effect.”

F-Pedals Robotholic Pedal

The Robotholic has four knobs – Mix, Pitch, Drive, and Rate – for dialing in your sound. A Lo-Fi switch acts as a high-pass filter to emulate an old AM speaker for further sound experimentation. The compact pedal has an external expression input for connecting a pedal to change the modulation rate.

F-Pedal’s Robotholic comes in two versions. The Standard version can run on the company’s F-Power wireless power supply and has chrome finish bolts, while the Lite version can only run on the standard 9-volt DC supply. They are both manufactured in Naples, Italy and assembled in Studio City, California. The Robotholic Standard carries a street price of $179 and the Lite Version carries a price of $119.

F-Pedals Robotholic Details:

Four knobs to control Mix, Pitch, Drive, Rate and one Lo-fi switch – allows you to fine-tune your robot sound
External Expression Connector – allows you to change modulation rate by foot while playing
Compact size (3.6’’ x 2.0’’ x 1.5’’) – extremely light weight and portable
True bypass on/off switch
Compatible with standard 9V DC supply (center negative)
F-Power Ready (except for Lite version)

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