Dwarfcraft Devices Announces The Paraloop

Dwarfcraft Devices Paraloop PedalDwarfcraft’s new Paraloop is a utility pedal designed for adding flexibility to your signal chain.

The stompbox features two effects loops that are “normally closed,” which the company explains as meaning a buffered clean signal comes through each. It has a single Send level knob that allows for boosting each loop or – if both loops are empty – acting as an overall volume boost with the pedal is engaged.

Dwarfcraft says the pedal allows for parallel effects loops, a clean blend, a clean volume boost, mixing two instruments without a full mixer, or splitting your signal to two amplifiers.

The Dwarfcraft Devices Paraloop is available now for $150.

Dwarfcraft Devices Paraloop Pedal Features:

Dual Effects Loops
Send Volume Knob
Clean Volume Boost

For more information:

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