George Duke, Stanley Clarke and Howard Hewett: Heaven Sent You

I’m not sure if I would have ever seen this video if it hadn’t been for Pete Skjold sharing it.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it since then.

In this clip, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, and Howard Hewett sit in a studio for a nice acoustic performance of “Heaven Sent You”, which appeared on Clarke’s album, Time Exposure.

What an amazing version of this tune… and what a tone on that acoustic bass guitar.

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    No sound.

  2. great vid. loved the chat at the end. i’m a huge fan of clarke and duke. from the 70s. duke turned my attention toward jazz fusion, my favorite style of music. stan is just the man. king of the bass. one of my friends, who is a musician and teacher, has a son who plays keys for the funky knuckles (caleb sean mccampbell) who just went on tour with stanley. how great is that!!!

  3. Leon Silver

    That fabulous bass is a Stanley Clarke/Tom Lieber design called a Spider Grinder. They made a limited number in the 1970s and 80s. They also designed an electric/acoustic version with pickups that work like an eq

  4. daGlov

    Kudos obviously to Mr. Duke and Mr. Clarke. Mr. Hewitt’s vocals are without a doubt on par with both of these greats. I’ve always admired Howard’s vocal talents from Shalamar to his collaborations with Stanley and others. I posted this clip on Facebook some time ago. A perfect blend of vocal and musical prowess.