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The Bottom 40: Firework

Adam Nitti sent me this video saying, “[Here’s] another project i’m involved with, called ‘The Bottom 40’. kind of on the Dirty Loops tip, but in a different style. (I even snuck in a sweep lick, LOL….) This band has been creating some heavy momentum online lately…”

The tune is Katy Perry’s “Firework”, and also features Michael Whittaker on keys, Marcus Finnie on drums and Nickie Conley on vocals.

The song starts out with an slow groove, but the band kicks it into high gear into one monumental instrumental jam before they’re done.

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That keyboard solo was some of the most inspired playing I’ve seen in months – awesome!

Paul Eddy

Paul Eddy

Love her vocals. What a great talent. Doesn’t try to do too much, just sing the song with feeling! The band rocks. Marcus is tight.Not a real sax guy, but this solo kicks! I’ll but it! Make it, and I’ll preorder!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Cool version of this tune. The outro is great. Adam is great, and the drummer is awesome.



Absolutely incredible! The talent just blows me away.