Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in December 2015

Time for another roundup of the most popular bass gear stories of the month. Here are the No Treble reader favorites for the month of December, 2015.

As always, this comes with a warning: may cause GAS.

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Boulder Creek Introduces The Travel Bass

1. Boulder Creek Travel Bass

Boulder Creek’s Solitaire series of acoustic/electric bass guitars has gotten a little bigger with a smaller bass. The Travel Bass puts the company’s Suspended Bracing System into a four-string that features an overall length of 32.5 inches and a scale length of 21 inches…

Alusonic Introduces Django Bass Guitar

2. Alusonic Django Bass Guitar

Italy’s Alusonic Aluminum Instruments has introduced the Django bass guitar. The model aims to bring handmade quality to an affordable price point. The bolt-on bass is built with an alder body, a hard maple neck, and a grade A ebony fingerboard…

Cog Effects Introduces T-16 Analog Octave Pedal

3. Cog Effects T-16 Analog Octave Pedal

Cog Effects has launched the T-16 Analog Octave, a pedal they say is “engineered to provide huge octave down tones in a tiny enclosure.” The UK-built stompbox offers level controls for clean and octave down signals as well as a variable Filter control to adjust the octave down signal voicing between synthy and subby…

Markbass Announces New York 122 Ninja Richard Bona Signature Bass Cabinet

4. Markbass New York 122 Ninja Richard Bona Signature Bass Cabinet

Markbass and Richard Bona have teamed up again to release the New York 122 Ninja Richard Bona Signature bass cabinet. Featuring a pair of 12-inch custom speakers and a new 1.25-inch compression driver, the cab is rated at 800 watts RMS for medium or large gigs…

Fredric Effects Announce the Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal

5. Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal

Fredric Effects have introduced the Deeply Unpleasant Companion, a bass fuzz pedal that builds upon the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. The new model has a modified circuit to preserve more low end frequencies, plus a new clean blend function for mixing your direct signal with the dirty signal…

Electro-Harmonix Introduces 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

6. Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

Electro-Harmonix has expanded their series of looping pedals with the 720 Stereo Looper. Featuring 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time, the pedal includes ten independent loops and unlimited overdubbing for flexible looping…

Keeley Electronics Unveils the Multi-Echo ME-8 Pedal

7. Keeley Electronics Multi-Echo ME-8 Pedal

The new Keeley Electronics Multi Echo ME-8 effects processor brings together eight of the company’s time-delay effects into a single unit for both guitar and bass. Made in the USA, the pedal offers chorus, echo, and reverb effects with an intuitive interface…

Kliq Introduces the TinyTune Pedal Tuner

8. Kliq TinyTune Pedal Tuner

Looking to save some room on your pedalboard? KLIQ Music Gear has unveiled the compact TinyTune pedal tuner, which measures up at 3.66″ by 1.5″ by 1.22″…

Seymour Duncan Adds Quarter Pound Pickup for 5-String P-Bass to Standard Lineup

9. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Pickup for 5-String P-Bass

After producing the model through their custom shop for several years, Seymour Duncan has announced that the Quarter Pound for 5-String P-Bass has been added to their regular pickup lineup. The pickup is designed to retrofit into any Fender or equivalent 5-string P-Bass model with a 6-pole/4-pole offset design…

Genzler Amplification Announces Magellan 800 Bass Amp

10. Genzler Amplification Magellan 800 Bass Amp

After launching its initial product line earlier this year, Genzler Amplification has unveiled their first amp. The Magellan 800 is an 800-watt that features clean and drive channels for gig versatility…

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