Groove – Episode #13: Felix Pastorius

Felix Pastorius

Imagine playing the bass when your last name is Pastorius. Many of us might think that this is a blessing. There is no question that Jaco Pastorius is one of (if not THE) founding fathers of the modern electric bass. His son, Felix Pastorius, has no desire to carry-on the legacy, other than to find his own path with the instrument that he loves. Jaco’s name has been in the spotlight a lot in the past few months, due to the highly-acclaimed documentary about his short life. Felix continues to both protect the legacy of his father’s work while chasing his own muse, and unique voice with the electric bass.

In this episode of Groove – The No Treble Podcast, we discuss the movie, his father’s legacy, his ability to connect with people who loved his father’s work, and what he would like to bring to this instrument with his own playing and artistry. From the Yellowjackets to Hipster Assassins and what he thinks about doing a solo album, this is Felix Pastorius. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Felix a few times and he’s one of the most humble and coolest dudes around…

  2. Mike Matthews

    Again Mitch, job well done! I’m glad to hear Felix say that the Jaco Movie was a bit medicating/healing for him. I can’t imagine what or how he’s felt through his journey (not really having a father in his life, loosing his father at such an early age, yet obviously being inspired by his dad and choosing to be a bassist, etc.), or what he may have had to deal with, whether be fans, or idiotic a-ho’s. Rob, and crew did such a good job on that movie. My 73 year old mother even appreciated that movie. Looking forward to your next podcast Mitch – Enjoy!

  3. Jack

    This was a great podcast…about Jaco. I was really hoping to hear more about Felix and what he’s doing. Collectively, we need to let the guy establish his own artistry and stop putting him in the shadow of his father.

    • Mike Matthews

      Jack, I agree with your comment Sir. Some of the youtube vid’s of the Hipster Assassins with Felix and Mike (Bendy ?) are just killer. Felix has a great style and he seems quite humble in the podcast. Cheers!

  4. Maybe my favorite bass player out right now!

  5. Shay

    Cool interview, but I’m having trouble on my Android. Piece plays through to 30 minutes or so thenskips to the end.

    • That’s strange. Sorry that’s happening. Maybe try clicking one of the other links (Soundcloud, iTunes or YouTube) and see if that produces better results?

  6. Robert Oddo

    Jaco would be proud!

  7. Nigel

    I really enjoyed listening to that