Brian Wilson and Carol Kaye: Good Vibrations

Carol Kaye is a living legend of the bass who played on countless recordings with memorable bass lines. One of those is “Good Vibrations”, and we’re lucky enough to have found this clip of Kaye and Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson playing through the tune as a duet.

While the bass could be louder in this recording, it’s easy to hear the genius in Kaye’s melodic lines as she works the upper register.

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  1. Not to diminish Carol Kaye’s achievements, but it’s Brian Wilson’s genius we’re listening to. Carol played the parts, but Brian Wilson composed them (at least on Good Vibrations)

    • The Wrecking Crew – Making of Good Vibrations

    • James

      Understood….but Carol wrote that line which was ahead of it’s time and can’t be overlooked as an integral part of that song.

    • Ria Favoreel

      Bass players are very often adding their invaluable groove input to other people’s compositions, and I’m impressed with the original, very melodic line (so different of what you might expect) Carol has come up with – I don’t think Brian Wilson wrote that …

  2. Glenn Fried

    Turn the fucking bass up! All you can hear is the piano and Wilson’s ragged out voice.

  3. David Desmond

    Carol Kaye is a very creative bass genius. I enjoyed this video and it was exciting to see how she played melodic bass lines then fully supported the song on the chorus.

  4. What bass is Carol playing? I knew she was lately using an Ibanez mainly, but this seems to have a Fender neck and the body is nothing I can relate to … Some Franken-bass maybe?

    • Danny

      It’s a Fender Precision Bass Lyte. Down sized body. Made in the ‘80’s.

  5. Yvette

    First time listening to Carol Kaye intentionally, love and praise for her flawless phrasing and tender timing.