EMG Introduces Solderless J System Pickups

EMG Solderless J System PickupsSwapping out your Jazz Bass pickups has just gotten a little easier. EMG’s new J System is a completely solderless setup that includes everything you need to drop a new set of their J pickups into your bass.

The pickups come with a control plate that’s completely wired with a split shaft volume/tone control, an output jack, a battery clip set, and the necessary screws and springs.

“We’ve mounted and wired everything to your new control plate – volume, volume and tone pot,” EMG shared. “Drop in the pickups, plug in the solderless connectors, and play.”

The EMG J System is available now with street price of $189.

EMG Solderless J System Pickups Details:

Completely Solderless System
EMG J Pickups
Pre-wired Control Plate for Jazz Bass
Volume, Volume, Tone Controls

For more information:

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  1. My Jazz bass doesn’t have a battery box. Can I still use this system without adding a battery box?