Providence Introduces Vitalizer BF VZF-1 Bass Pedal

Providence Vitalizer BF VZF-1 PedalProvidence has unveiled the Vitalizer BF VZF-1, an active impedance converter designed specifically for bass guitars. The compact pedal acts as a buffer to convert high impedance signal, which the company says is more likely to degrade the sound quality by picking up noise, to a low impedance signal that is less likely to be affected by those issues.

“It delivers natural faithful instrument sound by using a special circuit that minimizes the ‘Active’ sound,” Providence writes. “By placing it on the closest spot from guitar/bass in the signal chain, the Vitalizer BF tightens the bottom end that tends to be blurred with bass, 7/8 string guitar, and drop tuned guitar. Also, it will help prevent degrading the signal or tonal change and reduces the noise from different environmental situations when the pedal is placed in the beginning of the signal chain of the pedalboard. Moreover, it works great even before the amp or where the player feels the signal gets degraded or causes tonal change.”

The pedal’s chassis measures up at 60mm by 73mm, and it runs on either a 9-volt battery or AC adapter. The Providence Vitalizer BF VZF-1 will be available soon with a street price of $119.

Providence Vitalizer BF VZF-1 Pedal Details:

Active Impedance Converter
Dimensions: 60mmx73mm
Power: 9V Battery or AC Adapter

For more information:

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