Brian Wroten: David Bowie’s “Lazarus” Bass Play-Along and Transcription

When I first heard David Bowie’s Blackstar, I ended up repeating the third track (“Lazarus”) more than a couple of times. I was so drawn to Tim Lefebvre’s terrific bass line on the tune.

If you agree, then Brian Wroten did us all a favor by transcribing it for us.

Follow along with the video below and Brian’s transcription.

Brian has a ton of other transcriptions available on his website too.

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  1. Dig the harmonics at the end!

  2. Brandon Miller

    Believe it or not, the “Guitar” at the beginning is Tim Lefebvre. And this whole thing is incredibly played with a pick. A buddy of mine in Orlando is friend’s with Lefebvre. Such an amazing bassist.