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Radial Engineering Adds Mix-Blender to Tonebone Series

Radial Engineering Mix-Blender PedalRadial Engineering’s Tonebone family has a new member called the Mix-Blender. The dual function pedal allows for mixing two instruments or effects signals together and then blend in effects like a mixing console. It works for guitar, bass or keyboards, but Radial’s Senior Tech Team Associate Ryan Juchnowski says it’s especially helpful for bass players.

“Typical guitar and bass effects pedals only give you a choice between on or off,” he explains. “Although this may work perfectly well with an overdrive on a guitar, it is a problem with bass: distortion pedals are focussed in the mid and high frequencies, so when they are applied to bass, you effectively loose all of the low frequency energy and note distinctiveness. The Mix-Blender lets you add any degree of distortion to the signal path while retaining the original bass- tone using a simple wet-dry control. By enabling the artist to blend-in the effects just as one does in a recording studio, he or she can fine tune the processing to add character without losing the fundamentals.”

The Mix-Blender has dual inputs with 100% discrete Class-A buffers and separate level controls for flexibility. Other features include a polarity reverse switch, an effects loop, a 14-gauge steel chassis.

Radial Engineering’s Mix-Blender is shipping now with a street price of $169.99.

Radial Engineering Mix-Blender Pedal Details

Radial Engineering Mix-Blender Pedal Features:

Effects:Buffer, Mixer, and FX Loop
Inputs:Class-A buffered inputs with individual level controls
Controls:Blend Polarity Reverse, FX On/Bypass
Power:9V Adapter
Construction:14 gauge steel chassis and outer shell
Finish:Powder Coat

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