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Cog Effects Revamps Tarkin and Grand Tarkin Fuzz Pedals

Cog Effects has expanded their tonal offerings with an update to their Tarkin fuzz range, consisting of the Tarkin and Grand Tarkin mk2. The pedals are hand-built in Sheffield, England.

Cog Effects Tarkin Fuzz Pedals

Based on the Green Russian, the Tarkin is now housed in a smaller chassis with a pair of new LPF and HPF switches, which the company says are highly interactive with the tone control to offer a broad range of tones. Another new feature is an internal switch to toggle the circuit’s clipping style.

The Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz retains its Mids knob and filtered clean blend, but it now has two pairs of Clean Level and Fuzz Level controls that allow you to set two sounds and switch them on the fly via footswitch. Similar to the Tarkin, the Grand Tarkin’s Mids and Tone interact for extra tone possibilities.

Both pedals feature true bypass switching, a 9-volt standard DC input, and CNC-engraved aluminum enclosures. The Cog Effects Tarkin retails for around $187, while the Grand Tarkin goes for around $230.

Cog Effects Tarkin Fuzz Pedal Details:

Fuzz, Tone and Level controls provide a range of fuzz tones
LPF and HPF allow classic Green Russian tones or more cutting tones
Internal switches adjust clipping flavour and can remove diodes
2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)
True Bypass Switching
Die-cast Aluminium Hammond 1590A box

Cog Effects Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz Pedal Details:

Mids and Tone interact to provide huge tonal possibilities from a small control set
Filtered clean blend allows low-end retention with higher settings on the Tone control, and increased punch and playing dynamics at higher fuzz settings
A/B footswitch allows switching between Clean and Fuzz level presets
2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)
North-mounted jacks to reduce pedalboard footprint
True Bypass
Die-cast Aluminium box

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