Advanced Bass: Stitt & Trane Blues

The Blues is one of the major building blocks for jazz and improvised music, making it a logical starting point for applying your improvisational concepts. The problem exists when people learn some concepts and then attempt to jam along with no specific goals in mind. This is a big mistake! In this lesson, we’ll cover just one of the stepping stones practiced ubiquitously by all of the masters.

Follow along with the video and this notation (PDF download).

London based bass player Joe Hubbard’s professional background is represented by a collective body of experience that spans over more than three decades as an internationally acclaimed bass guitarist, teacher/clinician and contemporary jazz fusion recording artist. For more, visit

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  1. Basya

    Fantastic content!!!

  2. Basya

    Fantastic content!!!

  3. Omar harb

    Amazing as always.

    • Much appreciated Omar!

      • As I’m watching this, there’s a super important point you make, which I often get asked by students when illustrating alternate changes/substitutions- that your fellow ban dates don’t have to play the same substitutions you might choose to play-as you are both aiming for the same end destination harmonically… Great lesson Joe… I’m stealing these licks :)


    This is the real deal representing centuries of harmonic knowledge and content-thanks Joe yet another mazing lesson that I hope readers will apply themselves to. Very clearly taught.

  5. Yeah Joe- nice one mate….!

  6. Adrian

    Simply awesome!! Thanks Joe

  7. Adrian

    Simply awesome!! Thanks Joe

  8. Pavle

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for this lesson it is exelent… exept that bank holiday weekend is not long enough. And when ever you release something new, I’m hopping that reincarnation exists, because every your lesson onpens so much new material for me.
    All the best to you