Nordstrand Pickups Introduces Big Blades Soapbar Bass Pickups

Nordstrand Pickups has once again expanded their signature pickup offerings with the new Big Blade soapbar. The pickup, which is available in standard soapbar shapes and sizes, was built for a “striking and aggressive sound.”

Nordstrand Big Blades Pickups

“The Big Blade is a result of the pursuit of a continuous sensing blade style pickup whose tone brings with it the huge, rich, and powerful characteristics so well established by our famous Big Singles,” the company writes on their website. “The sound is a bit more modern and aggressive, and there are no more worries about making sure the pole pieces line up with your strings.”

The pickups are made in California and come as individuals or in sets for four, five, and six-string basses. They work as direct replacements for Bartolini’s BC, P2, and P4 sizes as well as EMG35, EMG40, EMG45 sizes. They’re available now with single pickups starting at $102.30 and sets starting at $201.30.

Nordstrand Pickups Big Blades Details:

Made in California
Available in Most Popular EMG and Bartolini Casing Sizes
Uniform magnetic field blade design
19mm maximum string pitch
Blade radius designed for even output in most basses – custom radius versions available soon

For more information:
Nordstrand Pickups

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