Eduardo Machado and Gabriel Grossi: Three Views of a Secret

Eduardo Machado sent this video to us, and it knocked me out.

Here’s the duo of Eduardo on bass and Gabriel Grossi on harmonica doing their own unique version of the Jaco Pastorius tune, “Three Views of a Secret” – one of the greatest compositions of all time in my book.

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  1. Johnie

    I love this! And agreed. Three Views of a Secret is one of the best compositions I have heard as well. Toots and Jaco were awesome together (I really love what they did on Blackbird as well). These two are doing them proud.

  2. MikeyOnBass

    Aw man this is totally cool. I just watched disc2 of (R.T.’s) Jaco The Film yesterday and loved hearing all the stories about Jaco. One of which was how genius his music/charts are. Hearing Machado & Grossi’s killer version of this just supports that fact. Great Stuff guys !!!