Dr. No Effects Announces MotherBrain Analog Delay

Dr No Effects MotherBrain Analog Delay Pedal

Dr. No Effects has released the MotherBrain Analog Delay for guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. The limited-edition, hand-crafted pedal is described as a “high-end delay that produces classic tones.”

It features three controls: Present, Insanity, and Memory. Present acts as a mix of the delay and dry signals, where Insanity is the actual Delay time and Memory controls the repeats/feedback. Each of the controls has tiny brain knobs and the pedal features a silkscreened housing.

Dr. No says the pedal has no influence on the actual send through signal, keeping it the same level and clarity of your original signal. They also suggest using it last in your pedal chain. It runs on a 9-volt battery.

The Dr. No Effects MotherBrain is limited to 350 units and comes signed and numbered. It also ships with a brain keychain. It’s available now with a street price of $279.99.

Dr. No Effects MotherBrain Analog Delay Pedal Features:

Present, Insanity, Memory controls
Silkscreened Housing
Brain knobs
Power: 9-volt Battery
Limited to 350 Units
Signed and Numbered

For more information:
Dr. No Effects

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  1. DannyP

    Would love to know how much ms delaytime it has…