Caroline Guitar Company Releases the Megabyte Delay Pedal

Caroline Guitar Co Megabyte Delay PedalCaroline Guitar Company has announced the Megabyte delay, which builds onto their Kilobyte delay by adding a tap-tempo function via a footswitch. The pedal is a collaboration with John Snyder at Electronic Audio Experiments and Scott McCombs at McCohms Labs. Besides the tap tempo, the Megabyte has a +21 db preamp that Caroline explains allows the repeats to be quickly driven into clipping.

“With two PT-2399 delay chips wired for increased time and improved noise performance, the Megabyte can provide up to 1,200 ms of delay time between echoes,” the company explains. “Caroline’s trademark ‘Havoc’ function provides runaway repeats when the user holds down the tap button, a modulation control detunes the repeats for greater depth and color, and the pedal can be easily and quickly changed between trails and true bypass modes simply by holding down the bypass button. These functions are easily accessible via the intuitive controls on Caroline’s standard-size pedal format, and the user manual is a simple postcard.”

The Caroline Guitar Company MegaByte Delay is available now for $249.99.

Caroline Guitar Company MegaByte Delay Pedal Features:

Power: 9VDC
Tap Tempo
21dB Drive Preamp
Up to 1200ms Delay Time
“Havoc” Function
Trails or True Bypass

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