Brimstone Audio Now Shipping Ouroboros Dual-Band Effects Loop Switching System

Brimstone Audio Ouroboros Dual-Band Effects Loop Switching SystemAfter years of development, Brimstone Audio is now shipping the Ouroboros OB-1 dual-band effects loop switching system. The fully analog pedal cleans up your effects by separating them into two loops that can be layered together in a several ways.

“The Ouroboros can do a standard parallel blend configuration, but the real star of the show is Brimstone Audio’s innovate dual-band architecture, which uses a variable crossover to split your signal into high and low frequencies and route each to separate effects loops,” the company writes. “You can then plug any effect into one of these loops and apply it only to the high or low frequencies of your sound. Now, instead of fighting with itself, your multi-effect tone becomes a beautiful, harmonious symphony.”

In Crossover mode, the X-Freq knob sets the frequency point that splits the incoming signal into loops A and B; signal above that frequency is sent to loop A and signal below the point goes to loop B. Each loop has send and return jacks to connect to more effect pedals. Any effect will only be applied to the frequencies in its respective loop, allowing for users to keep bass-sucking pedals to the higher frequencies or bass-heavy pedals to the lower frequencies. Loops A and B are then blended back together and sent to a Mix knob and ultimately the master volume.

Parallel mode removes the crossover point, but continues to allow for dual loops being blended back together. Series mode passes loop A directly into loop B and straight into the master volume. This removes the need for the X-Freq, Send level, and Mix controls. Brimstone says it allows for quick access to the normal 100% wet sound of the effects.

Other features include a phase reverse switch on loop A, an internal 2-position DIP switch to select guitar level or +4dB studio line level use for each effects loop, and an internal 18-volt power supply. The Brimstone Audio Ouroboros is made in California and is available now with a street price of $299.

Brimstone Audio Ouroboros Dual-Band Effects Loop Switching System Features:

Made in California, USA
100% analog signal path
Buffered effects loops prevent signal loss, even when driving long cables
Linkwitz-Riley sweepable steep-slope active crossover
'Send Level' control for each effects loop (set to 12 o'clock for unity gain)
'Mix' control allows setting the balance between Loop A and Loop B
3-way mode switch allows for dual band (X-Over), parallel, or series operation
Phase reverse switch for Loop A to avoid any potential phase issues between pedals
Internal 2-position DIP switch to select guitar level or +4dB studio line level use for each effects loop, easily accessible through the battery compartment door without disassembly
Panasonic metalized film capacitors throughout the audio path
Nuetrik input and output jacks
Internal 18V power supply (+/-9V) from single 9V source
Standard 9V DC regulated power supply or 9V battery operation
18 gauge folded steel chassis

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