Wounded Paw Effects Launches the Bass701 Amplifier

Wounded Paw Effects Bass701 Amplifier

Wounded Paw Effects is now shipping the Bass701, a head unit they describe as a “compact but powerful bass amp with a ton of of overdrive.” The 700-watt amp boasts a 6-band overdrive that splits the signal into six frequency bands, each with its own overdrive channel complete with separate drive and level controls.

“All the overdrive channels are summed back together to form a harmonically rich tone that still maintains the integrity of all the notes you’re playing,” the company writes. “There is a wide range of drive that can be applied to each frequency band as well as adjusting the individual channel volume.”

It also has an effects loop that can be set before or after the entire overdrive section. A footswitch allows for quickly toggling between clean and overdriven signals. The Bass701’s rear panel has a comprehensive line out section with XLR and 1/4-inch ouputs, a ground lift, a pre/post switch, and a line out level knob.

The Wounded Paw Bass701 bass amp is available for order now with a street price of $965. It has a turn around time of approximately 2-3 weeks after order.

Wounded Paw Effects Bass701 Amplifier Features:

700 Watt Class D Power Amp
6-band Overdrive Section
Standby Switch
-15dB Pad
Effects Loop
Select Footswitch
Balance Line Outputs
Dimensions: 12″ wide x 3″ tall x 9″ deep

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